Build the Excavator Power Armor is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • To progress in this quest, you will now need to build the Excavator Power Armor.
  • You will need a Power Armor Chassis that is open without any armor on it.
  • To build the full suit of armor, you will need:
Material Amount
Black Titanium 36
Gears 30
Nuclear Material 6
Rubber 26
Screws 60
Steel 102
Oil 40
Spring 60
Glass 12

Gathering the Materials[edit]

Building the Armor[edit]

  • While wearing Power Armor (or holding it in your inventory), step/place the Power Armor Chassis into the Power Armor Station and, if wearing the armor, exit it.
  • Once outside of the armor, interact with the station to begin crafting.