Fallout 76: Find the Blackwater Bandits' Key Fragment - Key to the Past

From Orcz
Find the Blackwater Bandits' Key Fragment is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



    • Search along the right-hand side of the bathroom, going to the Eastern end of them.
    • Going into the far portion, you will see a series of arches. These are decontamination arches which will remove any built-up radiation.
  • Activating these rings with the red button and walking through will remove a lot of radiation.
  • From there, head down into the mine to the East.
  • Be on guard on this slope because there are likely Mole Rats and a Diseased Mole Rat Brood Mother.
  • Go on through the low archway and head into the next section.
  • Turn over to the left and go into the adjacent shaft.
  • Inside this shaft, you will need to be on guard for Mole Miner Diggers and Mole Miner Rockbacker.
  • You can either head up the slope to the left and find a security gate to find some loot.
  • You should head to the right, into the lit tunnel.
  • Fight through the Mole Miners there, be on guard for the Mole Miner Supervisor.
  • Continue to the East into the room with water filling the lower portion
  • Hide and slowly make your way up the stairs to the next level.
  • Be careful here because there are more Mole Miners but also Freddie Lang.
  • Engage the Miners and then retreat down the stairs back to the shaft you entered through.
  • Take your time fighting through the group in this area up the stairs.
  • It is very possible the Mole Miners will kill [Fallout 76: Freddie Lang|Freddie]] for you.
  • Once you defeat [Fallout 76: Freddie Lang|Freddie Lang]], you will find the Blackwater Bandits key Fragment on them.