Freddie Lang's Holotape in Fallout 76.

Freddie Lang's Holotape is a Holotape in Fallout 76.


So I, uh, found this old holotape to record onto...Look, I know this is stupid. You can't hera me, not anymore. I dunno. Maybe this is more for me. I just... miss you Lucie, more than you could ever imagine. And, I can't help but feel responsible somehow. They were firing up the snow makers, and I knew you didn't like skiing, so I didn't even mention I was going. I thought you'd talk me out of it. I wish I had told you, though. We're both hard headed, but one of our stubburn asses would have caved and then we'd be together, one way or another. Maybe it's for the best. These... people I'm with probably wouldn't understand us either. I've had to get even tougher than before...