Get the Admin Password is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • It is now time to head to the Northwest of the Sunnytop Ski Lanes and make your way to the Palace of the Winding Path.
  • Approach from the South, taking in the parking lot and the facade of the Palace itself.
  • Head toward the building to the Northwest, going through the main entrance.
  • This leads to the front courtyard.
  • Head on through it, taking the stairs up or through the door to the right of the stairs.
  • On the upper level, go forward and through the open door in front of you to the North.
  • Take the stairs downward or drop to the lower level.
  • Be on guard for the Scorched that are roaming the halls.
  • Inside, from the stairwell you took down, turn to the South.
  • Sneak through the hallways, ready to fight.
  • Keep going to the South, into the dimly lit corridor with the rooms that have Bunk beds to your left.
  • Head into the rooms with the bunk beds, ready to fight the Scorched Believer inside it.
  • Go into the next room to the South.
  • There is a dresser along the Eastern wall that you can collect loot from.
  • In this dresser against the wall, below the stained glass window, you will find the Palace Admin password that you need.