The Intelligence Memo - 8-16-77 is a Item in Fallout 76.

The Intelligence Memo - 8-16-77 is a Notes in Fallout 76.


An intelligence report memo for Senator Blackwell.


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You pulling on the purse strings of this "Congressional Bunker" project was exactly the break we needed.

The MODUS machine, Vault-Tec, members of our own government, they're all a part of it. I've gotten a lot of chatter about the Dept. of Agriculture having an oversized role in what's going on. Sec Eckhart is at the heart of this, I guarantee it, but I wouldn't be shocked for a moment if this went all the way to the top.

Remember this number - 417604

It's an invoice for an order placed by the Dept of Ag at Eckhart's request, bound for the bunker. They claim it's part of the facility's "automation" effort.

That's a lie. Invoice 417604 is an experimental ...