Fallout 76: Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria - Tracking Unknowns

From Orcz
Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • From Harpers Ferry, head out to the East and locate the Ransacked Bunker.
  • Head to the West from there, to the base of the nearby cliff-face.
  • Here, you will find a path that will easily allow you to climb up the the area above.
  • Once on the gravel, turn to the North and go up the slope.
  • Turn to the West and head across the ledges in front of you, climbing up 3 of them.
  • Turn to the North again and climb up the next 2 ledges.
  • Face Southwest and climb up the next few ledges in that direction.
  • This will get you onto a narrow pointed ledge.
  • Turn to the North and jump up onto the nearby ledge to find yourself on a path.
  • Use this path to climb up to the top of the cliff-face you are on.
  • To make your way upwards, follow the wooden path and stairs upwards to easily reach the top of the cliff-face.
  • Stop following the path when you reach the small radar array to the North.
  • It is now time to start heading into the nearby forest to search for the signal you are looking for.
  • Travel to the Northeast from the Ransacked Bunker. to the marked location.
  • This will lead you to the location of Hardball, a Mr Gutsy that is attempting to help a pair of corpses in their medical care.
  • Approach and talk with him.