The Order of Mysteries - The Voice of Set is a Item in Fallout 76.

The Order of Mysteries - The Voice of Set is an Item in Fallout 76.


The Voice of Set from the Order of Mysteries


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The Mistress of Mystery is not a sniper. She is not the Silver Shroud, leaping into the fray with his silver submachinegun blazing. But she does carry a pistol. It is a tool like any other, to be used when the situation requires it. The mistress' iconic revolver was the Voice of Set. It had... a variety of powers. To be frank, it did whatever the writers needed it to do. I received more than a few letters about it. But for us, that variety is essential. We need tools capable of meeting any challenge. Your mission is to help expand our options. Cryptos has leads on a number of prototype weapons that were in development before the war. You will be assigned to retrieve one of them. Bring the plans to Frederuck, and see what he can make of it. He never fails to amaze me.