The Senate Orientation Letter is a Item in Fallout 76.

The Senate Orientation Letter is a Notes in Fallout 76.


A letter issued to new elected Senators.


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Welcome New Senator!

Congressional ID#: 778232

Welcome, Mr. Blackwell, to the Senate of the United State of America. Your election to this body is one of the greatest honors an American can receieve.

Please memorize this ID#s above. It will grant you access to some of the many perks members of the Senate enjoy - checking out items from the Library of Congress, access to the Congressional Gym, discount meals at the Capitol cafeteria, and more.

And please be sure to bring that ID as well as a government-issued photo ID to your first orientation session at the Capitol this January (specific date forthcoming).

Here's wishing you a long and honorable tenure in your position as Senator of the Appalachian Territory.