Upgraded Scorched Detectors is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • Head out of Abbie's Bunker and go to the Northwest.
  • Go over to the road and look along the Western side of the road.
  • You will find the first Scorched Detector there.
  • All of the remaining detector are going to be along Highway 65.
  • The first one can be found nearby the Thunder Mountain Power Plant.
  • Along the road, you will find the sign for Dolly Sods Wilderness to find the next Scorched detector.
  • Continue along the Highway to where it crosses over the river.
  • This is just to the Northwest of Harpers Ferry.
  • Follow the road as you go across the river.
  • You will find the next Scorched Detector on the Southern side of the road.
  • Continue along Highway 65, getting to the overpass with the train track.
  • Look along the Eastern side of the overpass track.
  • The final Scorched Detector leads you to nearby Valley Gallery
  • Continue along the Highway to the South, searching along the cliff-side.
  • You will find, along the right-hand side, the Scorched Detector.
  • This is the final Detector that needed an upgrade. Time for that Holotape.