[[File:FortniteBattleRoyaleAlpineAceCHN.jpg|right|thumb|400px|The China Alpine Ace Outfit in Fortnite BR. You can purchase this costume from the Item Store for 1,500 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|vbucks]].]]

Alpine Ace (CHN) is an outfit in Fortnite Battle Royale.

It is the Chinese Version of the Alpine Ace skin.


This Alpine Skier costume represents China.

"So aerodynamic!""

[ Winter Ski Set ]

How to get[edit]

Buy this skin from the Cash Shop.


1,500 [[Fortnite Battle Royale: FNBR VBuck.png|FNBR VBuck.png]]


All Alpine Ace Variants[edit]


  • When you buy Alpine Ace you only get the version of the skin that you selected. You don't get all 8 of them. You have to purchase each Alpine Ace variant separately.
  • This skin was released to commemorate the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea
  • Alpine Ace (CHN) is the male version of the Mogul Master (CHN) skin.

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