The Battlebus in Fortnite BR

The Battle Bus is a special type of vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale.


The Battle Bus takes the players from the Lobby Area to the Game Map.

How it works[edit]

  • All players will hang out at a Lobby Area outside the Game Map.
  • A "Battle Bus Launching" countdown timer will start indicating how long before the Battle Bus launches (this usually is 1:30)
  • When the timer runs out, everyone automatically is on the bus and the bus starts moving towards the Game Map.
  • Another timer will start counting down indicating when doors will open.
  • Doors open when the timer runs out, usually as the bus arrives at the edge of the Game Map.
  • It will say "Everbody off, last stop in 1:00"
  • At this point you can jump off the bus at anytime you choose ("Space" on PC)
  • When the timer runs out (and bus reaches end of map), everyone who is still aboard the bus automatically jumps off the bus.
  • After you jump off the bus, start Skydiving towards your destination.
  • When you want to slow down or when you approach the ground, you can deploy your glider.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There is only one battle bus, and all 100 players are aboard that bus.
  • The bus will take a straight line from one edge to the map to the opposite edge.
  • Direction will be random, for example one game it may go from the north end of the map to the south end, and another game it might go from the southeast edge to the northwest edge.
  • Plan where you want to jump and where you want to get to.
  • Most people will be jumping off the bus the moment the doors open
  • You can try landing in a nearby populated area where there will be a lot of competition for every weapon and you may end up dead quickly, or you can go for a more remote location where you may have more time to gear up and prepare.