Battle Pass Challenges in Fortnite BR
Battle Pass challenges unlock throughout the Season. Complete Challenges to earn Battle Stars and Tier up in the Battle Pass.
Example weekly challenges from Season 3 Week 1.

Battle Pass Challenges are Challenges that unlock when you purchase the Battle Pass

Battle Pass Challenges let you progress in Tiers a lot more quickly, as well as in Season XP.

Some Battle Pass Challenges grant you up to 10 Battle Stars which advances you a whole Tier.

Battle Pass Challenges can include:

  • Weekly Challenges: New challenges that unlock every week. Typically grant you 5 or 10 Battle Stars as well as XP.
  • Tier 100 Challenges: Challenges that unlock when you reach max tier of the Battle Pass. Completing them gives you an exclusive reward such as a glider or other skin.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Doing these Battle Pass Challenges are the fastest way to reach the maximum tier of the Battle Pass.
  • If you don't buy the Battle Pass you still have access to Free Pass Challenges which you can complete.

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