Fortnite BR Battlepass FAQ.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Battle Pass in Fortnite Battle Royale.

What is the Battle Pass?[edit]

The Battle Pass is a way to earn awesome in-game rewards by playing Battle Royale.

These rewards include: outfits, gliders, harvesting tools, emotes, banner icons, and more. All in-game items that you unlock are yours to keep forever!

How do I earn Battle Pass rewards?[edit]

Collecting Battle Stars will unlock higher Tiers in the Battle Pass.

Some Tiers have a Free Pass reward, but all Tiers have at least one Battle Pass reward.

What's the difference between Free Pass rewards and Battle Pass rewards?[edit]

Free Pass rewards are available to all players; no purchase necessary.

Battle Pass rewards are only available to players that buy the Battle Pass with V-bucks.

NOTE - Purchasing the Battle Pass after unlocking higher tiers will grant all earned Battle Pass rewards.

What are Tiers? How are Tiers different than my Level?[edit]

Tiers represent your progress in the Battle Pass. Collect Battle Stars to unlock higher Tiers.

Levels are earned by earning XP in matches of Battle Royale.

How do I collect Battle Stars?[edit]

You can collect Battle Stars by:

  • Earning XP to Level Up
  • Completing Daily Challenges
  • Completing Weekly Challenges
  • Buying Tiers with V-bucks

NOTE - In order to collect enough Battle Stars to earn all Battle Pass rewards without buying Tiers, you will need to Level Up, complete Daily Challenges, and complete Weekly Challenges.

What are Daily Challenges?[edit]

Every day, you are assigned a Daily Challenge. Completing the Daily Challenge will reward you with XP and Battle Stars.

You can have up to 3 Daily Challenges at a time. In order to get new Daily Challenges, you'll need to complete your active challenges.

Where is the bonus Daily Challenge for Battle Pass owners?[edit]

The bonus Daily Challenge given to players who owned the Season 2 Battle Pass has been removed as of Season 3 and replaced with new Weekly Challenges.

These new Weekly Challenges provide a better way to earn a lot of Battle Stars without requiring players who own the Battle Pass to play every single

What are Weekly Challenges?[edit]

Weekly Challenges are unique challenges only available to players who own the Battle Pass.

New Weekly Challenges unlock each week during the season and have special rewards including significant amounts of Battle Stars designed to help unlock higher Tiers.

Is the Battle Pass pay to win?[edit]


The Battle Pass rewards are all cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay.

Does the Battle Pass expire?[edit]

Yes. The Battle Pass expires at the end of the current season.

Although you will keep all in-game cosmetic rewards that you have earned, your XP boosts will end and you no longer have the opportunity to earn more rewards from that season.

How do I get the Battle Pass?[edit]

Head to the Battle Pass tab and select the "Buy Battle Pass" option. You'll then be able to use your V-bucks to purchase the Battle Pass.

Need more V-bucks? Grab some from the Store tab.

How can I buy Battle Pass Tiers?[edit]

Once you own the Battle Pass, you can choose to directly purchase Tiers and immediately get the Free Pass and Battle Pass Rewards for those Tiers.

To purchase one or more Tiers:

1) Choose "Purchase Tiers" in the Battle Pass tab.

2) Select the number of Tiers (up to the next 10) that you'd like to purchase.

3) Select the "Purchase" option.

Does my progress count if I buy the Battle Pass mid-season?[edit]

Yes. Buying the Battle Pass will unlock all Battle Pass rewards up to the current Tier that you've reached. Keep in mind, however, that buying a Battle Pass early will allow you to earn Battle Stars faster.

NOTE - Depending on the amount of time remaining in the season, you may not be able to earn all Battle Pass rewards just by Leveling Up, completing Daily Challenges, and completing Weekly Challenges.

What gets reset at the end of a season?[edit]

At the end of a season, all progress for that season's Levels and Battle Pass will stop.

Although you will keep all in-game cosmetic rewards that you have earned, your XP boosts will end and you no longer have the opportunity to earn more rewards from that season.

Do I get to keep the cosmetic items I earned forever?[edit]


How do I equip the cosmetic items I earned?[edit]

The cosmetic items you earn are added to the Locker tab.

To equip an item:

1) Select an equipment or emote slot in the Locker tab.

2) Select an item to preview it.

3) Select the item again to equip it and save your selection.

How do XP Boosts work?[edit]

There are two types of XP Boosts: Personal XP Boosts and Friend XP Boosts. Both of these boosts are Battle Pass rewards that do not expire until the end of the season.

  • Personal XP Boosts increase the amount of XP you earn after a match of

Battle Royale.

  • Friend XP Boosts increase the amount of XP your friends earn when they

are in your party after a match of Battle Royale.

Playing with a full party of friends with the Battle Pass will maximise how quickly you and your friends Level Up.