The Blockbuster Challenge Week 3 Free Tier in Fortnite BR. Find the secret tier and advance a tier in your battlepass.

This page has info on the Free Tier from the 3rd week of the Blockbuster Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.


You can only find this free battlestar after unlocking the A Looming Threat Loading Screen.

This is done by completing three Blockbuster Challenges which entails completing all Weekly Challenges of any three weeks in Season 4.


This is the A Looming Threat Loading Screen for reference:


The superheroes are looking at some location on a digital projection of the map.


If you zoom in on the digital map the superheroes are looking at, you will see a projection of a battlestar. The spot is found near some trees on a hill just southwest of Fatal Fields

See screenshots and maps below to help find the location of the secret battlestar.







Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can only locate the secret star after you have unlocked the A Looming Threat.
  • There is a bug where sometimes the battle star does not show up. If that happens try logging out of the game, then equipping the A Looming Threat in the Locker as the active loading screen, and then trying again to go to the location.