Damage Trap in Fortnite BR.

The Damage Trap is a type of Trap in Fortnite Battle Royale.


Lethal spikes that will spring at a player who steps on or in front of it.

This trap replaces other previous versions of wall traps including the shock ceiling zapper.

How to deploy the Damage Trap[edit]

  • Enter building mode (Q on PC)
  • Select the Trap slot (F5 on PC)
  • Aim at a Floor, Ceiling, or Wall.
  • If the trap is highlighted blue, you can place it there.
  • If the trap is highlighted red, you cannot place it there. Choose a different spot or build so you can place it.


Value Attribute
Name Damage Trap
Rarity Uncommon
Type Trap - Floor
Arming Delay 1.0 seconds
Reload Time 5.0 seconds
Damage 2000


Inventory Icon[edit]



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Even though the description says "FLOOR", you can place this trap on CEILINGS and WALLS as well.
  • Place some high quality visible loot in the room where the trap is to lure the person in.
  • Traps kill only enemy players, they do not affect the player who placed them, or their teammates. so you can walk on the trap safely if you placed it. You can have an enemy player chase you and when you cross the trap it wont trigger it, but when he chases you and runs on it, then it will kill him.
  • Before entering any room make sure there isn't an enemy trap there.
  • Traps can be destroyed with weapons
  • In a solo game, trap will kill you instantly if it activates on you.
  • In a team game, you will be knocked out.
  • In patch V4.2, Epic nerfed traps so they only cause 75 damage (instead of 125) so in most cases they won't knock out or kill a player
  • In patch V4.3, Epic buffed traps so they deal 150 damage, again making it enough to kill (solo) or knock down a player (squad)