Deal damage to opponents in Fortnite BR.

"Deal damage to opponents" is a Free Pass Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale.

For this challenge, you have to deal a total of 5,000 damage to enemy players


Birthday Challenge[edit]

"Deal damage to opponents" is also a Birthday Challenge available from July 24th, 2018 to August 7th, 2018.

You have to deal 1,000 total damage to enemies and you earn a Fortnite Birthday! Emoticon.

Challenge Reward
Complete all 3 challenges to earn the reward item (0/3) Birthday Cake Back Bling
Play matches (0/14) 5,000 Season XP
Deal damage to opponents (0/1,000) Fortnite Birthday! Emoticon
Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (0/10) Happy Birthday! Spray

Weekly challenge[edit]

"Deal damage to opponents" is also a possible weekly challenge awarding you with 5 battlestars.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


  • It might be a bug, but it appears that this also counts the damage your squadmates deal. So try playing a lot in squads and see if the challenge completes faster.