Drift Outfit in Fortnite BR.

Drift is the name of one of the outfits in Fortnite Battle Royale.


"Journey into the unknown, and find your way to victory."

Part of the Drift Set.

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How to get[edit]

This costume is unlocked at Tier 1 (first tier) of the paid Season 5 Battle Pass.

Drift Challenges[edit]

Challenge Reward
Complete any 4 challenges
Gain 10,000 XP
Gain 25,000 XP
Gain 50,000 XP
Gain 100,000 XP
Gain 200,000 XP

Drift Levels[edit]

Below are the Season Levels you have to reach to unlock each Drift Level:

Drift 1 - Base

Drift 2 - Level 14

Drift 3 - Level 21

Drift 4 - Level 30

Drift 5 - Level 41

Drift 6 - Level 55-56

See the XP Chart for a more detailed breakdown of experience required for each Drift stage as well as to check your progression percentage toward the max Drift level.



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