A render of the Suppressed Pistol as it appears in Fortnite BR.

The Suppressed Pistol (Also known as the "Silenced Pistol") is a Weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A pistol with a silencer.

The Silenced Pistol is a silenced version of the pistol with better stats (See below)


Value Attribute Attribute
Rarity Rare Weapon Epic Weapon
Type Ranged Weapon
Name Suppressed Pistol
Class Pistol
Ammo Light Bullets
Level 20
DPS 175.5 189
Damage 26 28
Fire Rate 6.75
Magazine Size 16
Range 1
Reload Time 1.3
Ammo Cost 1

Inventory Icon[edit]

FortniteBattleRoyaleEpicSuppressedPistolInventory.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleLegendarySuppressedPistolInventory.jpg


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Aim for the head, a silenced pistol does really good headshot damage.
  • Be aware that silenced Pistols are not totally silent, they do make some noise, but less than regular pistols.
  • Silenced Pistols come in Epic and Legendary rarities. There are no common, uncommon, or rare suppressed pistols.
  • The Silenced Pistol is a complete upgrade to the normal pistol, adding damage and of course the silencer. Always upgrade when you have the chance.

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