A render of the Light Machine Gun as it appears in Fortnite BR.

The Light Machine Gun is a Weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale. As of Chapter 2 - Season 4, this weapon is only available from Henchmen chests and weapon drops from Henchmen in Doom's Domain.


A machine gun with a high rate of fire and 100 bullet mags. However, it has low accuracy and a long reload time.


Value Attribute Attribute
Rarity Rare Weapon Epic Weapon
Type Ranged Weapon
Name Light Machine Gun
Class Machine Gun
Ammo Medium Bullets
DPS 200 208
Damage 25 26
Fire Rate 8
Magazine Size 100
Reload Time 5s 4.7s

Inventory Icons[edit]

FortniteBattleRoyaleRareLightMachineGunInventoryIcon.jpg FortniteBattleRoyaleEpicLightMachineGunInventoryIcon.jpg


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • LMGs basically function like lower tier versions of Miniguns.


  • LMGs were introduced in patch V3.5

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