The A Looming Threat Loading Screen in Fortnite BR.

"A Looming Threat" is one of the Loading Screens in Fortnite Battle Royale.


Carbide, Squad Leader, Steelsight and Valor are in the hero mansion (The one SE of Lonely Lodge

They are looking at a projection of a map that shows Omega has escaped from the Prison, and are planning what their next steps will be to stop him.

How to get[edit]

Complete all of the Weekly Challenges of any three weeks in Season 4.

That will complete the third Blockbuster Challenge and unlock the A Looming Threat Loading Screen.

Battlestar Location[edit]

If you unlock this loading screen you can get a free tier. It is located near some trees on a hill just southwest of Fatal Fields. See below for more info:



  • This loading screen continues the storyline from the At Last... I Am Free loading screen in which Omega took advantage of the Meteor hitting the Prison to escape amidst the explosion and the chaos.

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