The That's a Wrap! Loading Screen in Fortnite BR.

"That's a Wrap!" is one of the Loading Screens in Fortnite Battle Royale.


That's A Wrap! features Omega, Valor, Carbide, Flytrap, Chromium, and Diecast.

They seem to have just finished recording a movie shoot and are having a good time on the set outside the Villain lair NE of Snobby Shores,

They are looking at a projection of a map that shows Omega has escaped from the Prison, and are planning what their next steps will be to stop him.

How to get[edit]

Complete all of the Weekly Challenges of any six weeks in Season 4.

That will complete the sixth Blockbuster Challenge and unlock the That's a Wrap! Loading Screen.

Battlestar Location[edit]

If you unlock this loading screen you can get a free tier. It is located on a red "Fork Knife" food truck in the southwest of Greasy Grove. See below for more info:



  • This loading screen continues the storyline from the Showdown loading screen.

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