The The Visitor Loading Screen in Fortnite BR.

"The Visitor" is one of the Loading Screens in Fortnite Battle Royale.


The Visitor has escaped from inside the meteor that crashed in Dusty Divot

How to get[edit]

Complete all of the Weekly Challenges of any seven weeks in Season 4.

That will complete the third Blockbuster Challenge and unlock the The Visitor Loading Screen.

Battlestar Location[edit]

If you unlock this loading screen you can get a free tier. It is located near some trees on a hill just southwest of Fatal Fields. See below for more info:



  • This loading screen continues the story sequence from the That's a Wrap! Loading Screen loading screen.
  • This is the final loading screen reward from the Blockbuster challenges. When you unlock this one, you also unlock the legendary skin The Visitor.

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