The Mako Glider in Fortnite BR. Season 1 Level 25 reward.

"Mako" is a Glider Skin in Fortnite Battle Royale.


"Soar through the air like the mighty shark!"

Used to change the appearance of a players Glider.

How to get[edit]

Available at the Season Shop during Season 1.

Unlocks at level 25.

Was also briefly for sale in the Item Shop - see "Notes" section below.



  • The Mako Glider was meant to be an exclusive reward for hitting level 25 in Season 1. However, on January 1st 2018, Mako appeared as an item for sale in the Item Shop, allowing other players to get it even if they never played the game during season 1. Epic stated this was an accident and removed it from the shop, and most likely it will not appear in the shop again, so if you did not get it during season 1 or during the short time it was in the during season 2 Item Shop, then you will not be able to acquire it anytime in the future.

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