A Mountain in Fortnite BR.

The mountain is a terrain type in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Mountains are massive elevations of land and to cross from one part of the map to another. When a mountain is in the middle you either have to go around the mountain, or find a steep path up to the mountain and then down. You can also build stairs (requires a lot of steps) to reach the top faster.

Some mountains have houses and Chests on the top or on different levels of the mountain.

Climb to the Mountain Peak to get a good vantage point overlooking the area around you and be able to Snipe other players.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you see a chest on the mountain in the beginning of the match you should land there then descend to ambush any players below.
  • Be careful when going down the mountain as you can take lethal Fall Damage. Either build structures such as stairs or ramps underneath you as you carefully jump down from one structure to another, or slide down on the mountain surface, which is risky but if done right you can take little to no damage.



In the Season 3/Week 6 Challenge "Summit different Mountains Peaks", you have to go to 10 different Mountain Peaks. You plant your Banner there when you reach the top.

Mountain Locations[edit]