Outlive Opponents in Fortnite BR.

"Outlive Opponents" is one of the possible Daily Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.

For this daily challenge, you have to outlive 300 other players

For example, if you play a match and you are the 41st player to die (meaning 40 players died before you and you ended up in 60th place) you get 40 points towards this challenge since you outlived 40 players.

These points accumulate over all matches you play until you hit the target score of 300 players outlived.


Free Pass Challenge[edit]

"Outlive Opponents" is also a Free Pass Challenge.

For the Free Pass Challenge you have to outlive 1,000 opponents, and you earn 5 Battle Stars.


Ice King Challenge[edit]

You have to outlive 1,000 opponents to earn Ice King in red. It goes up 25,000 outlives.Silver 7'500 emote 15,000 gold 25,000 GG run on grass and kick ass

Lil Kev Challenge[edit]

This is also a Lil' Kev Challenge where you have to outlive 500 opponents and you get 500 xp. Doing all three of the Lil' Kev Challenges awards you with the rare Lil' Kev Back Bling.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You could just either land in a tree, or hide inside a bush, and wait for other players to get killed. Repeat a few times and you should complete this challenge fast.
  • Doing challenges is the fastest way to advance in your Battle Pass. The 5 Battle Stars you gain from dailies take you half way through to the next Battle Pass Tier, so just completing two challenges will let you progress a whole Tier.
  • The Daily Challenge and the Weekly Challenge are inclusive, meaning that when you outlive players it counts for both challenges so you are advancing in both of them at the same time.


  • This challenge used to be called Outlive Players but the title was changed by Epic to clarify you need to outlive opponents which does not include your own squadmates.