The Close Shave pickaxe in Fortnite BR

The Pickaxe is a melee weapon and harvesting tool in Fortnite Battle Royale.


All players are equipped with a pickaxe.

You use your pickaxe for two things:

  • Attacking other players.
  • Harvesting Resources.
  • The pickaxe deals 20 damage to players and does not headshot, meaning you need to hit a player 5 times to kill them if they are at full health.
  • The pickaxe deals 50 damage to any pre-made structures (such as a tree), and 100 damage if they hit the sweet spot (the Blue Circle). It does 25 damage to player-built structures(such as wood stairs) and 50 if they hit the sweet spot.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The pickaxe is useful primarily for mining Resources, but is not so great as a weapon. Use it as a weapon only if you have no other weapon equipped.

Pickaxe Skins[edit]

You can buy different types of Pickaxe Skins (Harvesting Tools) in the Cash Shop or the Season Shop, using V-bucks, or earn them by progressing in the Battle Pass.

Example Pickaxes:

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