Reach Season Level 45 is one of the Omega Challenges in Fortnite BR.

"Reach Season Level 45" is a Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale.

For this challenge, you have to reach Season Level 45.

Omega Challenge[edit]

"Reach Season Level 45" is part of the Omega Challenges.

Complete this Omega Challenge to unlock an armor piece for your Omega Skin.

How to complete[edit]

To increase your Season Level, you must earn Season XP

Season XP is earned primarily by playing matches, and doing well in them (if you do poorly you still get XP but a smaller amount)

Another good way to gain XP is by doing certain Challenges, in particular Daily Challenges.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]


All Omega Challenges[edit]

Challenge Reward
Reach Season Level 25 Omega Chest Plate
Reach Season Level 35 Omega Leg Piece
Reach Season Level 45 Omega Arm Armor
Reach Season Level 65 Omega Face Armor
Reach Season Level 80 Omega Chest Armor