A render of the Slurp Juice as it appears in Fortnite BR.

The slurp juice is a Consumable in Fortnite Battle Royale.


A Slurp Juice adds 75 health or shield to your character, 1 points to health every half second for 37.5 seconds. Once health is full, the rest goes to shield.

It takes 2 seconds to drink 1 slurp juice.

Slurp Juice can heal you up to 100 health, provided you were already at least 25 health.

When you take damage, shields are affected before health. Shields DO NOT protect against fall damage and the storm.

So for example if you have 100 health and 50 shield, and you take 40 damage, you will still be at full health and have 10 shield left.

You can have a max of 100 shield (so 2 shield potions, 2 slurp juices or a combination thereof.)


Slurp Juice can be found in chests and in supply drops and on the floor, although it is very rare to do so. They are moderately rare to find.

Inventory Icon[edit]



"Contains 1% juice. Applies health and shields over time."


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Slurp Juice is very valuable, being able to heal or give shields over time. It will give you a considerable advantage against other players.
  • It may be wise to save the slurp juice for until you've taken some damage so you can use bandages to heal up to 75 then use the slurp juice to heal to 150.
  • Try to stay in cover while drinking slurp juice as you are vulnerable consuming it.

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