"Ready, Aim, Fire! Sniper Rifles only." Sniper Shootout in Fortnite BR is a limited time game mode which consists of emphasis on long range combat using Sniper Rifles.

Sniper Shootout game mode is a Match Type in Fortnite Battle Royale.

This mode is only available for Squads.

The Sniper Shootout Match Type was released on January 29th, 2018, and is a limited time mode. Ends (tentative) on Feb 2nd, 2018, although it might be extended for the weekend.


A mode with only Sniper Rifles for long range combta, as well as Revolvers to help you in close encounters.

Available Weapons[edit]

"Sniper Shootout" mode includes only the following types of weapons:


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Snipe from a bush or from a good vantage point such as a roof of a building or from behind a wall of a top floor.
  • Have a teammate always ready for reviving a knocked out squad member.
  • Aiming a Sniper Rifle takes practice. It's better to wait until your target is not moving. Then, aim a bit above his head. If your target is moving, aim a little in front of him so that the bullet hits the spot where he is running towards.
  • If you are a new player or otherwise have trouble figuring out how to properly aim the sniper rifles, after you die you should stay in the match and spectate how your teammates aim their sniper rifles. See where they aim at, when they shoot, etc.
  • The Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is easier to use since it has a bigger magazine size, so you can shoot several shots before reloading. It does less damage though, and may take more than one shot to kill the enemy player, giving him or her a chance to flee or build a fort. If you are a skilled player, or are aiming at an immobile target, you should opt to use the bolt action sniper rifle which can one-shot the enemy before they can escape.

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