The Storm approaching the player in Fortnite BR.

The Storm a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Storm keeps players moving and prevents one player to hide in one place for the whole match.


The Storm forms on the map shortly after everybody has jumped off the Battle Bus.

The storm covers the entire map, except for a circular area known as the Storm Eye.

The Storm (and Storm Eye) keep shrinking as the match progresses.

If you are caught inside the storm (and outside the Storm Eye), you take damage over time until you die.

Therefore, you should always be running towards the Storm Eye where you are safe.

If you are lucky, the Storm Eye stays in the spot where you are, but if not then a white line on the map will guide you towards it.

Since all other players will be doing the same, watch out and proceed carefully. When the Storm Eye is small there won't be many places for you to hide or take cover and it can be very dangerous.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The armor from the Shield Potion does not protect against storm damage.
  • Watch the map and plan your moves accordingly, do not get caught unprepared.
  • The storm will interrupt certain actions that require focus, such as opening chests and drinking potions, however from a recent patch the storm no longer interrupts opening supply drops.

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