Cris Formage in Grand Theft Auto 5

Cris Formage is the founder of the Epsilon Program in Grand Theft Auto V

Meet Cris Formage[edit]

To understand The Epsilon program and the powerful tools it can unleash in your life you need to understand its founder Cris Formage.

Cns Formage has been on a spiritual adventure, one that has led him to the far reaches of the Earth seeking to bring meaning to the meaningless. After a soul crushing spiritual journey through many castings and auditions that went nowhere, he made a great discovery, and Vinewood and indeed the world hasn’t been the same since.

I have achieved many great things in this life and the one before. The Earth is 157 years old and many of us have lived and died once already. What I tell all Epsilonists is that to understand the meaning of the universe, you will need to get down to the core of your being and credit score, and listen to hundreds of expensive hours of my lectures.

Then you will understand and know the true form. And that is a knowing smile that lasts an eternity.

- Cris Formage. Luxembourg. 1994

Cris is the award winning writer of "The Quest for Tract of Epsilonism'

The tract, of this, the Ninth Paradigm, which has yet to be written, is often the topic of his hundreds of speaking engagements worldwide. Many governments and mental health authorities condemned Epsilonism at the onset It paid no taxes, purchased land and buildings m all major cities, and conducts what to some are bizarre sex rituals with multiple partners. However as time wore on and more and more followers joined it became clear that this is a bona fide religion, founded by one of history's greatest leaders.

Cris was a foundling, he had no parents, he can meditate for a really long time, the first time he played golf, he hit 7 holes in one. he has written several great books and sired many children. He has also fought mythical beasts. He is too humble to describe his divinity, but we aren't so bashful.

An expert in judo, tantric sex and lax law. Cris founded Epsilonism as a truly American religion - emanating from Vinewood. celebrating celebrity worship and franchising to the far reaches of the Earth. Cris established the first Epsilon Center in Vinewood and quickly learned an eternal truth.

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