3 Star Wanted Level in Grand Theft Auto 5

Three Stars is the third Wanted Level in Grand Theft Auto V


Here things start to heat up...


The 3-stars wanted level triggers if you kill police officers or shoot at them while at the 2-Star wanted level

You also trigger this level by trespassing on the Los Santos International Airport Tarmac area


The consequences of the 3-Stars Wanted level are much more severe than the 2-Star wanted level, and include:

  • Police shoot to kill
  • A Police helicopter joins the chase, and alerts other police forces of your presence. At night, the helicopter will track you with a Spotlight
  • Police move to locations that give them better line of sight
  • Police Cruisers drive more aggressively, and will attempt to ram your vehicle
  • Roadblocks are set up in key locations to try and stop you
  • Sharpshooters will fire at you from a helicopter
  • Police will chase you even in water, using a Predator Boat
  • The overall magnitude of the police efforts is increased
  • Continuing to fight the law in this level will result in a 4-Stars Wanted Level

Vehicles used[edit]