Cash Shop in H1Z1

The Cash Shop (Marketplace) is the monetization method in H1Z1

Market has several sections:

Get Station Cash[edit]

Here you can buy Station Cash used to pay for items


Go to market home

Here you can also see weekly sale items

Redeem a code[edit]

Redeem a promotional code


Here you can buy Crate Keys:

  • Crate Key: 250 SC
  • Crate Key-3 pack: 700 SC
  • Crate Key-10 pack: 2,200 SC
  • Crate Key 25 pack: 5,000 SC


Here you can buy Airdrop Tickets and Event Tickets:

  • Airdrop Ticket: 500 SC
  • Airdrop Ticket 3-pack: 1,400 SC
  • Airdrop Ticket 10-pack: 4,500 SC
  • Airdrop Ticket 25-pack: 9,500 SC
  • Event Ticket 3-pack: 250 SC
  • Event Ticket 10-pack: 800 SC
  • Event Ticket 25-pack: 1,800 SC


Here you can buy bundles of various items: