These are the default key bindings for H1Z1

Also see: Slash Commands


H1Z1 Keyboard Controls - Generic
Command Key
Open Menu Escape
Toggle 1st/3rd Person T
Start Chat Text Return
Start Command Text Slash /?
Cycle Main Window Tab Control + Tab
Toggle Fullscreen Alt + Return
Screenshot Print Screen
Toggle Mouse Control M
Voice Volume Up Numpad Add
Voice Volume Down Numpad Subtract
Voice Volume Mute Numpad Enter
Proximity Voice Chat Numpad 4, Middle Mouse
Radio Chat Numpad 7
Group Chat Numpad 1
Mute all sounds: Control + M
Toggle UI Control + F10
Capture Image Control + F12
Marketplace U
Inventory Tab, I
Hud Resources H


H1Z1 Keyboard Controls - Player
Command Key
Move Forward W, UP
Move Backward S, Down
Strafe Left A, Left
Strafe Right D, Right
Jump Spacebar Mouse Scroll Up
Crouch C
Prone Z
Sprint Left Shift, Right Shift
Interact E
Reload R
Slot 1 1
Slot 2 2
Slot 3 3
Slot 4 4
Fire Left Mouse
Secondary Fire Right Mouse
Change Camera Mouse Button 4
Go 3rd Person f
Weapon Attachment
Switch Fire Mode B
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll Down
Previous Weapon q
Auto Run Equals =+
Pushback Q
Freelook Left Alt


H1Z1 Keyboard Controls - Vehicle
Command Key
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Handbrake Spacebar
Look Left Left
Look Right Right
Look Up Up
Look Down Down
Exit Vehicle E
Lock Toggle L
Vehicle Ability X
Boost Left Shift, Right Shift
Seat 1 Control + 1
Seat 2 Control + 2
Seat 3 Control + 3
Seat 4 Control + 4


  • The key for switching from first person to third person mode is "T". If that does not work, then you are most likely playing in a 1st person mode only server.