A Quaking Volcano in New Pokemon Snap (NewPokemonSnap).

A Quaking Volcano is part of the Research Requests in New Pokemon Snap.


Requested By[edit]


Tyrantrum got really mad when Monferno stuck its rear out at it, but I thought it was all in good fun! I'd like to get a closer shot of it, actually.

Research Requests[edit]

  • Start the course Fireflow Volcano Level 3 and get down the first slope.
  • Look up to the arched stone above the NEO-ONE.
  • There is a Monferno here.
  • Tag it with an Illumina Orb and then it will strike a pose.
  • Go forward in the course, starting into the first cave.
  • A Monferno will run past you into the first chamber.
  • Look to the left, where you will see 2 Monferno that will chatter then do a flip.
  • They will then head over to the right, jumping a gap.
  • This pair of Monferno will approach the sleeping Tyrantrum.
  • The Monferno will jump onto the Tyrantrum's tail, waking it up.
  • It will ram into the wall.
  • While it is hitting the wall, get a photo of it.