Little Lost Shinx in New Pokemon Snap (NewPokemonSnap).

Little Lost Shinx is part of the Research Requests in New Pokemon Snap.


Requested By[edit]


Poor little Shinx got startled and hid. I'd really like to lead it back to Luxray somehow.

Research Requests[edit]

  • Start the Fireflow Volcano
    Level X
  • There is a Shinx right at the start of the which runs over to the right.
  • Throw a Fluffruit over to the left to lure it in that direction of the pool.
  • After that, throw another Fluffruit to the left to lure the Shinx over to the Luxray.
  • Watch the Shinx as it heads over to the Luxray and get a photo of its reaction.
  • Get a photo of the Shinx in its happy pose by the Luxray.