Tutorial is part of the Walkthrough in New Pokemon Snap.



  • When the Photographer arrives at the Research Camp.
  • Professor Mirror and Rita will introduce themselves and bring the Photographer inside
  • There, they will give the Photographer the Camera.
  • From there, Professor Mirror will ask Rita to give the Photographer a chance to learn to use the Camera.
  • Rita will give the basics of using the camera to the Photographer (on the default control scheme on the Switch itself).
    • A - Take Photo
  • A Vivillon will be fluttering around on-screen, take the time to snap a photo of it.
  • Rita will explain the pointer, which is used to center the photo
    • Left Thumbstick is used to move the camera around
  • Move the camera around to get used to how it works.
  • The speed of its movement can be adjusted in settings.
  • It can also be adjusted to work with the motion controls of the Switch.
  • After a short while, a Pikachu will emerge from the grass.
  • Rita will have the Photographer focus on the Pikachu.
  • She will explain the square that appears around the Pikachu, explaining that it will be the focus of the shot.
  • After this, Rita will explain using Zoom with your Camera.
    • Zoom is tied to ZL.
  • Zoom can be set as a toggle in settings, allowing the Photographer to tap to Zoom in and out.
  • Rita explains, as much as possible, have the Pokemon in the middle of the photo and as large as possible.
  • Having done the photos, Rita will bring the Photographer in.


  • Here, Professor Mirror will explain the grading criteria.
  • He explains that each Pokemon can only have 1 photo selected from all the photos taken.
  • Start with the Pikachu folder and select 1 photo.
  • After that, select 1 of the photos from the Vivillon.
  • Time for your first evaluation.
  • With the Pikachu, Professor Mirror will explain his criteria for the cameras.
  • First, the photo is rated 1-4 stars for the rarity of the action in the photo
  • 1 and 2 stars are common behaviors, while 3 and 4 stars are unusual behaviors (usually requiring the intervention of the photographer or special circumstances).
  • Each of these stars can have 1 photograph associated with it.
  • He then explains the basics of the Photo Scoring
  • The photos are rated and then Professor Mirror will bring them outside.
  • Here, the player is introduced to the NEO-ONE.
  • They are shown how to use it and from there, they are sent off on their first photo expedition.

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