What is Orcz.com?

Orcz.com is a video games wiki (Online Encyclopedia) that ANYONE can edit, add, and improve.

Whats the difference between Orcz.com and Wikipedia?

Orcz.com focuses on Video Games, letting you go into great detail on every aspect of the video game

What is the difference between Orcz.com and other video game wikis?

Our goal is to REALLY go into details. The world of video games is like a second home to many of us, and here at Orcz.com we document every little piece of it. For example, not only do we care about some general stats of an NPC. If the NPC was programmed to have some sort of lifestyle, we want to know about it. What it eats, where it works, what time it goes to sleep, what it wears, what it says, and every available detail about it. For example, see: Skyrim: Nura Snow-Shod. When describing a house or an area, we go into great detail about what it looks like, which NPCs can be found there, its background, history, and more. For example: Assassin's Creed III: Theatre Royal and Assassin's Creed III: The Providence. There is no detail too small. When writing an entry, write down EVERYTHING you know about the subject. When you see an article that needs expanding, fill in any missing details. We want to learn everything there is to learn about the awesome world of video games.

What kind of information can I add to Orcz.com

Any information regarding video games, including general information about video games such as descriptions and release dates, to more specific information such as, walkthroughs, achievements, hints, tips, strategy guides, information about video game publishers and developers, and more. If it's related to video games, it can probably find a place on Orcz.com! Click on Random Page to the left to get an idea of what kind of pages people add.

Do I need to register to add information to this site?

No, but it is recommended you do register for a username, so that you can easily track your changes, add pages to your watchlist, mask your IP address, and many more features. But if you don't feel like registering, it is ok, you can still contribute to Orcz.com!

Why do I need to answer a stupid video game question whenever I edit something?

This is an anti spam measure, to stop spammers and bots. Most other sites use a "Capcha", but spammers have found ways to get around those. The video game question method is also more convenient for the users, than trying to decipher blurry letters in a Capcha. The question is very simple and any gamer should be able to answer it easily, while spammers will find those questions difficult.

This triggers whenever you try to add an external link to a page, and in some other situations where the system suspects spam.

How do I create a new page?

To add a page, just search for it first using the search box in the top right corner. If the page does not exist, there will be a link to create it.

Do I include the name of the video game in the title?

When creating an article about something from a specific game, you should preface the title with the game name and a colon, and a space. For example, an article created about swords in Skyrim would be titled "Skyrim: Swords" This is to differentiate it from swords in other games, for example "World of Warcraft: Swords". You could also write an article titled just "Swords" which would be a general article about swords in video games, but could bring examples from the different games such as WoW or Skyrim.

How do I add an image?

You have to be logged in to upload files. Then, click on the "Upload File" link to the left. To insert the image in an article, you would insert it as follows (assume file name is MyPicture.jpg) [[File:MyPicture.jpg]]

I found spam/abuse/vandalism on one of the pages, what can I do?

Edit it and remove the spam.

Can I just copy the articles from Wikipedia?

No, write the article in your own words. The point of this Wiki is to go into more details about the video games. If you do rely on information from another source, make sure to cite it.

How do I cite a source?

Put the following markup after the portion you are citing:



<ref>[http://www.sitename.com/articlename.html Article Name]</ref>

At the end of the article, add:


<references />

Can I add a link to my website?

Many games have an "External Links" section, under which you can add your fansite or other unofficial website.

Note that if any of the following conditions apply, the link will be REMOVED by the community or by ADMIN:

  • External Website is not related to the game/article of the page it was added to
  • External Website does not have a link back in a prominent place. Please add a link back to the page in which you placed your link in a prominent location on your website, such as the main page, or the resources section. For example, if you place an external link on the article for Ubisoft's The Division game, you must link back to http://orcz.com/The_Division or http://orcz.com/Category:The_Division
  • External Website is too spammy, for example it uses pop-ups or asks you to complete a survey to view the content.
  • Admin may remove links to external sites for other reasons that would deem the external link as inappropriate

I have a question that was not answered here?

Click on "Discussion" and ask away!