Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go.

Mr. Mime is a Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


Mr. Mime is a master of pantomime. Its gestures and motions convince watchers that something unseeable actually exists. Once the watchers are convinced, the unseeable thing exists as if it were real.



Stat Value
Hit Points 80
Attack 154
Defense 196
Max CP 1494
Capture Rate 24%
Flee Rate 9%



Primary Moves[edit]

Attack Type Power Energy Gained Duration
Confusion Psychic 15 7 1.51 sec
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12 4 1.05 sec

Special Moves[edit]

Name Type Power Gauges/Bars Critical Chance Duration
Psybeam Psychic 40 4 5% 3.8 sec
Psychic Psychic 55 2 5% 2.8 sec
Shadow Ball Ghost 45 3 5% 3.08 sec