Raids in Pokemon Go.

Raids are a new feature adding in June of 2017 to Pokemon Go.

Participating in a Raid[edit]

  • A trainer needs to be at least level 20 to participate in a Raid.
  • Raids happen at a Gym that has at least a few Pokemon of the same team in them.
  • Raids have a 90 minute countdown leading up to their beginning.
  • Raids are active for 1 hour.
  • Access the raid will require you have 1 Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass.

Battling in Raid/Forming a Raid Group[edit]

  • You fight a raid with a full team of 6 Pokemon.
  • You have a 2 minute count down leading into the fight against the Raid Pokemon.
  • To form a raid group, give the code shown out to any local friends to participate in the raid with them.
  • The Raid group can be turned public so anyone in range can participate.
  • The Timer for the Raid is determined by the Level of the Raid.
  • These Levels are 1-4 and Legendary.

Winning a Raid Battle[edit]

  • When a Trainer wins a raid battle with their team, they have a chance to catch the Pokemon.
  • You are given a number of Pokeballs based on your contributions to catch the Pokemon.

Raid Instructions[edit]