Team Rocket Occupied Stop in Pokemon Go.

Team Rocket, for the duration of an unknown event, can occupy a Poke Stop.

To notice an Occupied Poke Stop[edit]

  • Poke Stops that are occupied by Team Rocket are a Dark Blue and twitch erratically.
  • Once you approach one, after the first, it will turn into a Black Stop with red outlines and the Team Rocket R above it.
  • Spinning the stop will only net you a few items.
  • After item collection, you will be facing the Team Rocket Grunt controlling the stop.

Battling Team Rocket[edit]

  • Team Rocket Grunts have a saying at the start which tells you what their most powerful Pokemon is!
  • Type advantage is critical for these battles, regardless of the league.
  • Winning the Trainer Battle against the Grunt gives you a chance to catch a Shadow Pokemon and gives you 500 Stardust.

Catching the Shadow Pokemon[edit]

  • When you win the battle, you are given a number of Premium Balls.
  • The total number is determined by your remaining Pokemon, progress on the Hero Badge and the Purifier Badge
  • You get 1 Ball per remaining Pokemon.
  • You get 2 Balls for defeating the Grunt.