Buildings being bulldozed in SimCity V

When buildings are abandoned, rubble, or unwanted, or you want to repave or upgrade a road section, you may choose to bulldoze them. Select the Bulldoze Tool icon on the bottom left of the HUD to enter Bulldozing mode, and then click any building or road you want to remove. The space is cleared in just seconds. Hold CTRL to select an entire road segment or a block of buildings for bulldozing.

Bulldozing a road will automatically remove any buildings located along it. Bulldozing buildings and roads clears out space for new construction. Keep your eyes peeled for abandoned buildings, marked with a yellow icon. In addition to being fire hazards and eyesores, abandoned and rubbled buildings also hinder profits and city growth. Do something about them as soon as possible to make sure your city stays attractive and turns a profit. To exit Bulldozing mode, click the Bulldoze Tool icon again