This Town Hall can be upgraded to a City Hall in SimCity 5

Upgrading your Town Hall to a City Hall permits you improved tax control, and the ability to further grow your city and create for it a specialized focus. To upgrade your Town Hall to a City Hall, select your Town Hall to view an information window detailing your progress. Once your progress target has been met, click the Upgrade button. Further upgrades unlock additional modules for your new City Hall.

City Hall Upgrades[edit]

After reaching certain population levels, you’ll be awarded with upgrades to your City Hall. Use these to allow for further city growth and to create a specialized focus for your city. There are six upgrades to choose from, and you can only select one at a time. The upgrade selected has a major effect on your city.

When playing in a region, talk to your neighbors to determine what specialization they are thinking about for their city. That way, you can each select a different upgrade, and where you may be lacking, your neighbor can fill that gap. These upgrades are regional, meaning only cities in your region can take advantage of them. For example, if you choose the Department of Safety, you can provide better police support for neighboring cities, whereas

if your neighbor chooses Department of Education, they can become a college town, and your Sims can travel there for better schooling.

Tax Rates[edit]

City Hall allows you to set tax rates by RCI zone and wealth (with Department of Finance


$200 Simoleons upkeep cost

Department Modules[edit]

Each City Hall upgrade grants you a chance of one Department Module:

Department of Safety

Department of Transportation

Department of Utilities

Department of Education

Department of Finance

Department of Tourism

Many City Hall Departments grant access to more buildings for all cities in the region.

Other Upgrades[edit]

City Hall Sign

SimCopter One