A Grade School in SimCity 5

Keep younger Sims off the streets and provide your residents with education for a brighter future. Some more advanced modules, businesses, and industry require higher education before they can be earned. There are two types of education—Schools and Colleges.


Build a School to provide a place for younger Sims to gather and stay out of trouble. As you survey a suitable location, the roads around your building cursor are highlighted to indicate the School’s coverage area. Once you are satisfied with the location, left-click to place the building. After building a School, you can expand it with various modules to accommodate more students. Be sure to build school bus stops throughout your city so that all of your residents have the opportunity to get to class.


Build a Community College to further educate your residents and earn additional development for your city. Residents with a higher education can perform more complicated work, which allows you to build more advanced industry and rake in more profit.

Education Stats[edit]

The Info tab in the Education menu holds useful information. The displayed gauge shows the overall effectiveness of the school system, while the nearby stats show the desk space to potential students ratio, the number of Sims attending school, and how many buses are shuttling students to school. You can also see how many Simoleons your primary school system is costing you per hour. The higher education data relates specifically to College, and there is no school bus information.

Education Map[edit]

While on the Education menu, use the Data Maps tab to open a new data layer.

Education Map[edit]

View what the education levels are for Residential and Industrial zones, and see where students are located.