Elegant Casino in SimCity

The Elegant Casino is a Casino in SimCity

How to Build[edit]

Elegant Casino is part of the Gambling Specialization and can be found in the specialization menu (shield icon in bottom left corner), under the Gambling Tab.

In-game Description[edit]

This stylish casino is evocative of a quaint Italian villa that caters solely for the nouveau riche. This expensive casino is only for the most discerning of cities. You'll need to entice high-wealth tourists to meet the high maintenance costs.

Medium Wealth Gambler Capacity[edit]


Income Per Medium Wealth Gambler/Hour[edit]


High Wealth Gambler Capacity[edit]


Income Per High Wealth Gambler/Hour[edit]


Requirements to Unlock[edit]

Plop a Gambling HQ


$300,000 Simoleons