A Fire in SimCity V

Fires have had a long history of burning down major cities, and if you’re not too careful, a fire can really do a number on yours. The risk of a fire breaking out grows as your city expands. To stop the spread of fire across your city, build a Fire Station.

Select your preferred Fire Station from the menu and move your cursor over the map. As you survey a suitable location, the roads around your building cursor are highlighted to indicate the Fire Station's coverage area. Once you are satisfied with the location, left-click to place the building.

A single Fire Station can only protect a limited area, so improve coverage by adding more garages, or upgrade your services with a Large Fire Station. As your coverage grows, your fire services can even provide limited coverage to neighboring cities.

What Increases Risk of Fire[edit]

Industrial Buildings

Abandoned Buildings

Rubbled Buildings

Accumulated Garbage

Fire Stats[edit]

Use the Fire menu’s Info tab to view information that can help prevent or prepare you for a major fire. View the number of extinguished fires, the number of fire trucks at the station, and how many Simoleons your system is costing per hour.

Fire Map[edit]

While on the Fire menu, use the Data Maps tab to open the Fire Risk data layer.

Fire Risk[edit]

Displays what locations are at the biggest risk of fire and keeps track of past fire events.