Gambling House in SimCity

The Gambling House is a Casino in SimCity

How to Build[edit]

Gambling House is part of the Gambling Specialization and can be found in the specialization menu (shield icon in bottom left corner), under the Gambling Tab.

In-game Description[edit]

Tourists will wheel their oxygen tanks to this simple casino to blow their hard-earned Simoleons. Maximize profits with Gambling Hall improvements. Criminals turn up at casinos like bad pennies.

Low Wealth Gambler Capacity[edit]


Income Per Low Wealth Gambler/Hour[edit]


Medium Wealth Gambler Capacity[edit]


Income Per Medium Wealth Gambler/Hour[edit]


Requirements to Unlock[edit]

Working Power and Water

21 Commercial Buildings


$15,000 Simoleons



Upgrade Modules[edit]

Casino Marquee

Cheap Rooms

Nice Rooms

Nickel Slots

Blackjack Tables

Comedy Club