A Community Park in SimCity

Parks come in a variety of sizes and provide a place for residents to relax and a location for the homeless to gather. These spaces can spruce up your neighborhood, attracting wealthier Sims.

Parks Stats[edit]

On the Info tab of the Parks section in the Parks and Culture menu, you can find important data regarding your city greens. The gauge displays your city’s overall desirability, while the numbers next to that show the number of park buildings and patrons, the total number of homeless and how many of them are in parks, and how many Simoleons your parks are costing the city per hour.

Parks Planner[edit]

See: SimCity: Parks Planner

Parks Map[edit]

While on the Parks section of the Parks and Culture menu, use the Data Maps tab to switch between different data layers.


View where your Sims are happy, and check out what areas need improvements in order for them to be happy.


View where the homeless are located.

Residential System[edit]

View what areas of your city are most desirable for Residential zoning and determine which wealth classes would build in each area.