A Coal Power Plant is one of the types of Power Plants in SimCity 5. It is cheap to lay, but requires constant supply of coal and generates high polution

A source of power is required for maintaining a city. Homes without power will eventually be abandoned, while businesses and factories without power will remain closed. Basically, without any power for your buildings, your city is a ghost town. Don’t keep your Sims in the dark; open the Power menu to select a power plant.

There are different types of power plants, some greener than others. Part of the challenge of maintaining your city is balancing a growing demand for more power with pollution and health concerns. You also need to take into consideration your available natural resources and figure out the cost of importing what you don’t have, while maintaining enough resources to run the plant. After a plant has been built, it will start powering the city after workers arrive.

Power Stats[edit]

The stats on the Info tab display crucial information regarding your power output. The displayed gauge shows whether the amount of power being produced is meeting your city’s needs. Next to that are details of how much power is available in the region and if you’re currently selling power to any neighboring cities. Place your cursor over this area to see a breakdown of energy Needed, Produced, Buying or Selling.

Power Maps[edit]

While on the Power menu, use the Data Maps buttons to switch between different data layers.


View what buildings are powered, off, and unpowered.

Air Pollution[edit]

View where air pollution is blanketing your city and where it’s most concentrated. Also, see which buildings produce the most air pollution.


View where radiation is spreading and how great of a threat it poses to your residents. Also, see which buildings produce radiation.