In this part of the Summer Shoals Guide you will learn about Sewage, Fires, and more.

This continues the Summer Shoals walkthrough. For the previous part of the walkthrough, see:

Summer Shoals Walkthrough Part 5

City Name[edit]

Summer Shoals

City Administrator[edit]

Eva Stanton



Sewage 1/6[edit]

There still seems to be a foul scent in the air. You should check in with Eva. Click the Speech Bubble to continue

Sewage 2/6[edit]

Let's get a Sewage Outflow Pipe as soon as we can. Click the Sewage Menu button.

Sewage 3/6[edit]

Ew! You can see all of the "Waste" just sloshing around in the pipes in this view. Select the Sewage Outflow Pipe

Sewage 4/6[edit]

This basically dumps Sewage out into a streaming pile, so it's best to put it in a remote corner of town. Click to plop the Sewage Outflow Pipe

Sewage 5/6[edit]

Ugh, look at it all go. Every system has data maps that geographically show you information about your city. Let's see what impact this is having. Click the Ground Pollution Map

Sewage 6/6[edit]

The Sewage Outflow Pipe is adding ground pollution here. This will lower land values near the pollution, preventing wealthy Sims from moving there. Let's close the Data Map for now.


Fire 1/6[edit]

Uh-oh! It looks like you're needed, Mayor! Click the Speech Bubble to find out how you can help.

Fire 2/6[edit]

We need to put this fire out before it spreads. We need a Fire Station, quick!

Fire 3/6[edit]

Click to select the Fire Station

Fire 4/6[edit]

The green along your Roads shows areas your Fire Truck can reach before buildings burn down. Click next to a Road to place the Fire Station.

Fire 5/6[edit]

That's a good spot! As soon as your Fire Station is staffed up, Firefighters will hop in a Fire Truck and rush to put that fire out! Click "Okay" when you're done watching.

Fire 6/6[edit]

Industrial, abandoned, or rubbled buildings and accumulated Garbage increase Fire Risk. Fire Stations put out Fires, but avoid the causes of Fire to make them more effective.

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